Microsoft Now Owns Its Phone Like Apple


Microsoft Now Owns Its Phone Like Apple

Microsoft says that after their recent acquisition of it’s handset and devices division today that they are going to gain more control, and allow the business to highlight it’s ‘high value experiences’ on devices through its mobile operating system.

Microsoft cited the need for “first-rate Microsoft phone experience” for it’s users. Control over the entire package from the software to the hardware of the phone will ensure that it’s able to meet these advantages. This is a move much like Apple decided to make early on to make sure that they maintain the absolute level of control.

Problems arise when you have companies like Dell and Microsoft, who in what now seems like the stone-age used to rely on each other. Dell for the machines, Microsoft for the operating systems for example. Microsoft has now made the strategic move to makes sure that, like Apple, they maintain control across the board so that the company can remain as competitive as possible in the lightning fast mobile market.


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