Microsoft Brings Back the Start Button in Windows 8.1


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Microsoft Brings Back the Start Button in Windows 8.1

Back when Windows 8 was revealed to the world, it removed perhaps the most familiar part of the Windows functionality. The start button. The company is getting a lot of negative feedback since then about removing the start button. But now they are bringing it back in Windows 8.1.

The change is major in design and philosophy but the button will be back to its spot in the lower left corner early testers believe.

In the current version of Windows 8 users don’t see the start icon until they navigate the mouse cursor to the corner.

Besides bringing back the Start button, Microsoft is changing its design. In Windows 8, the icon that appears in the corner is an analog of the Start screen, but in Windows 8.1 it becomes the same angled Windows logo seen in the charms menu, the keyboard and other places.

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