Microsoft Appoints Nokia’s Stephen Elop as Head of Xbox and Surface

stephen elop

Former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop is has now been appointed the role of leading Microsoft’s Xbox, Surface and entertainment and games businesses and the two companies finalize the merger. 

Microsoft has experienced many changes to its managerial team with Satya Nadella replacing former CEO Steve Ballmer and with the $7.2 billion merger deal between Nokia and Microsoft many new staff members are being integrated.

One of the big changes facing Microsoft now include the positioning of Julie Larson-Green by Stephen Elop.

Larson-Green will now apparently be taking care of the “My Life and Work” applications service team as chief experience officer. Her role will now include overseeing apps such as Bing, Office and Skype.

The move of Larson-Green out of the Xbox, Surface and entertainment departments was a surprise as she helped to introduce some of the most advanced functions to the Xbox One console and the Surface Pro 2 tablets.

According to sources, Larson-Green will continue on as the head of the Xbox and Surface team until the Nokia acquisition is finalized at the end of this quarter.

Elop will be taking over her role and Larson-Green apparently stated to her former team, “you are all in great hands with Stephen and already we’ve shared a lot with him and his LT from Nokia regarding all of the fantastic people, teams and products in DnS. I also know many of you are looking forward to welcoming the Nokia team and working more closely with them.”


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