Gmail Adds Their Own Unsubscribe Button to Marketing Emails


Gmail is making weeding out your inbox spam easier with the addition of an ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Marketing emails can now be easily unsubscribed to thanks to the newest feature installed by Google on Gmail.

At the top of promotional messages, Gmail will add an ‘unsubscribe’ button which will easily and automatically ensure that the company will no longer be able to send material to your account.

The new feature was installed to help email users protect their inbox from marketing scams and to keep it junk mail free.

Google has defended their decision to marketing companies too claiming that this feature will mean that less customers mark their emails as spam. When companies get too many emails marked as spam they run in to delivery problems and get blocked from sending emails, causing a loss in potential revenue.

Gmail had been testing the function in some accounts but now they are ready to roll it out to all subscribers in the hope that it will help users manage their email accounts more effectively.

“One of the biggest problems with the Gmail spam filter is identifying unwanted mail or soft spam,” said Google’s Vijay Eranti, leader in anti-abuse efforts at Gmail. “We want to empower users with an easy way to control what they want to receive.”


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