Massive Cyberattack Slows Down Internet


A massive cyberattack between two European companies, Cyberbunker and Spamhaus has caused chaos in the world wide web, slowing down the internet and making sites difficult to access. 

Spamhaus, which is responsible for distributing lists of spammers to security firms revealed that it was being targeted last week by Cyberbunker, after being put on their list of ‘spammers’.

Cyberbunk, which is known as a ‘bulletproof’ host that will host any type of file except pornography and anything related to terrorism, however it made itself onto Spamhaus’ list, sparking one of the biggest retaliations in web history.

In a statement to the New York Times, an activist said Spamhaus became a target because they were “abusing their influence.”

Chester Wisniewski, an expert at the security firm, Sophose cautions all internet users, “I’ve been waiting for this moment, its not too difficult to do (an attack like) this, we just hadn’t see one before.”

The attack has seen many sites such as Netflix, slow down or become impossible to operate and experts believe that this type of cyber attack could happen again.

“We are likely to see it again, the only way to deal with it is wrangle all those system administrators out there to make sure their systems are properly configured,” concluded Wisniewski.


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