Marketers Cash In On Google Glass Domain Names

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Marketers Cash In On Google Glass Domain Names

Marketers are cashing in on Google Glass related domain names.

They are buying up domains by the thousands for anything that sounds like Glass, wearable computing or Google Glass.

Google has always been aggressive in defending it’s Trademarks.

Domain name flippers have also always been aggressive, holding domains hostage to the highest bidder.

However, there is a little known process called a UDRP that allows companies holding trademarks to get back domains that were hijacked or reverse hijacked by domainers.

A UDRP can cost upwards of $5,000 + legal fees, so often times companies will try to resolve the dispute without going to the lengths of legal hearings.

However, some smaller companies have a hard time coming up with the $5,000 + legal fees and this is how domainers are able to cash in and make a sale to those people for a couple thousand instead of upwards of $10k that it could cost them to go the legal route.


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