This is What its Like to Work for Zuckerberg

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Ever wondered what it would be like to work under Zuckerberg?

Facebook started off as a humble University social site but today creator, Mark Zuckerberg has managed to build an empire valued at over $190 billion.

While there have been many rumors circulating over Zuckerbergs managerial style, a former engineer for the company has spoken out on exactly what it was like to work for the social media mogul.

Noah Kagan claims that he was fake threatened with a samurai sword for not meeting a deadline and that Zuckerberg would also threaten to “chop off your head” for bad work.

While we are sure that these comments were all in jest, it is interesting to note Zuckerberg’s style when it comes to handling his employees.

According to Kagan, he and his engineer partner, Chris Putnam were working on a project that they thought Zuckerberg “would love” only to have him scream, “this is shit, redo it”. Apparently then he threw water on Putnam’s computer and stormed away.

While Kagan recalls his “horror” stories at Facebook, ┬áhe doesn’t fail to mention that Zuckerberg was just 23 at the time and had a lot of pressure on his shoulders from investors to keep up.

“As mature as he could be, he was still immature,” Kagan concluded.

Kagan was the 30th employee ever at Facebook and now runs his own company SumoMe.

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