Facebook Color Change Virus Returns

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Facebook has been targeted by one of the oldest scams in the book- the color change scam.

This scam has been around before and it seems to have targeted Facebook profiles yet again.

The malicious malware lures Facebook users into changing the color of their profile, however as soon as you download the application, the virus sets in.

Once downloaded, the virus is then able to ┬áspread to users friends by gaining control of Facebook’s Access Tokens.

To date, around 10,000 profiles have been infected by the malware and Facebook is doing all it can to get the seemingly innocent color change ad pulled from the site.

While the scam is definitely an old one, it continues to pop up again and again, and users are continually tricked.

One security firm believes that there is a vulnerability in Facebook’s app page which allows hackers to post the virus code into these applications.

If you have downloaded the app, uninstall it immediately by going to the “app” menu under the settings tab.

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