Li-Fi Turns Light Bulbs Into Wireless Networks

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Li-Fi Turns Light Bulbs Into Wireless Networks

A new startup and technology company LiFi is trying to turn light bulbs into wireless networks, and apparently they have already done so.

This would mean that something as simple as a light bulb (and quite literally a light bulb) could transit an internet connection and help people get online.

The problem with current wireless networks is that they can only go so fast, and as more people use them, they get slower and slower. Essentially they become extremely slow to useless at some point if a network goes from having 100 users to 100,000 using depending on it’s strength.

Li-Fi could make it so that each light bulb is essentially it’s own wireless connection, sounds cool eh? Well there’s still one big problem to be worked out. You have to be within sight of the light bulb. That means that you wouldn’t necessarily have the reach as a typical wireless network, unless you had light bulbs scattered around everywhere connected to a power outlet.

The technology sounds interesting and if they can get past the issue with how far it reaches and having to be in sight of it, this could surely end up being the next generation of WiFi.

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