LG Shows Off Flexible Screen Display

flexible glass

LG is showing off the latest in screen technology by rolling an 18 inch flexible display into a cylinder.

The display has a resolution of 1200 pixels by 810 pixels and is able to maintain its function as its flexed and rolled.

This new technology means that LG could produce large TV’s that could be rolled up to just 2.4 inches.

The screen is based on OLED technology which is known for being brighter and richer in color.

LG has been busy working out ways to stand out from the competition, and it seems that this is just the latest in innovation and design.

Just recently, the company announced the release of curved display smartphones, making the design more ergonomic and modern.

While this flexible display design is being used for televisions, it may not be too far off from being used on LG’s smart phones or tablets.

The flexible TV’s are set to be available by 2017.

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