Learn How To Sell Online Course Goes Viral Featuring Michael C. Tobias

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Learn How To Sell Online Course Goes Viral Featuring Michael C. Tobias

A freakishly interesting thing has happened, “Sales Freaks” by Michael C. Tobias, has gone Viral, but not in a traditional way.

Traditionally when an online product or service is launched online and it goes viral that translates to 10s of thousands to millions of views on social media, YouTube and the “traditional” channels of viral promotions.

What SalesFreaks did was different, exciting and didn’t follow the traditional path of an online product launch.

Instead of creating funny videos, and scheming up marketing ploys that didn’t make sense but just got a bunch of views and people to look at them, SalesFreaks went back to grass roots and did a traditional campaign.

Who would have thought? A traditional campaign? In 2013? Sounds crazy!

A recent discussion with one of the marketing people behind SalesFreaks shows that the traditional route, so far, is creating quite a buzz. But not in mainstream media or stirring up a viral event, it’s working for the people that actually need it.

So, let’s get this straight. A marketing campaign targeted to only people who NEED the product? Who would have thought? Especially this day in age when everyone will sell out at any cost and give up their first born for a few extra bucks profit?

A sales system, that’s actually selling their sales system in a honest way? Yep, it’s true.

So, moral of the story, although we rarely ever recommend anything here, check out SalesFreaks.com┬áif you actually want to learn how to sell Insurance online. It’s from a bunch of honest, hard working guys that aren’t going to “sell out” to teach you how to sell.

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