Law Student Sues Facebook for Privacy Violations

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A Law student has filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook for privacy violations. 

An Austrian law student has decided to file a class action lawsuit against Facebook privacy violations.

Max Schrems is suing the social media giant for 500 euros and is urging other Europeans to join him in his battle against Facebook.

According to Schremes, Facebook has a long list of violations including, their “privacy policy, participation in the PRISM programme, Facebook’s graph search, apps on Facebook, tracking on other web pages and big data systems that spy on users or the non compliance with access requests.”

The 26 year old students mission, is to get Facebook to comply with data protection laws and is urging other people to join him in his fight.

“We are only claiming a small amount,” stated Schrems, “as our primary objective is to ensure correct data protection. However if many thousands of people participate, we would reach an amount that will have a serious impact on Facebook.”

Facebook has declined to comment.


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