Kano Kit: The Kickstarter Success Project is Here

kano kit

Ever wanted to learn how to code?

Kano, the Kickstarter success project has now launched and promises users that they can learn to code and build a computer for less than $150.

Starting back in 2013, Kano first went to Kickstarter with their idea in the hopes of making $100,000 to fund their project. Just a few weeks later they had surpassed their goal and earned $1,522,160 from 13,387 backers.

The kit has now officially launched and contains all the tools you need to build a computer and learn how to code. Designed to be used by both children and adults, Kano boasts that their system is so easy it’s like “playing with Legos.”

“We often draw lines between things: arts and science, code and design, STEM and humanities. It makes digital literacy seem like brussel sprouts- good for you, but hard to chew”- stated the Kickstarter page.

Powered by Raspberry Pi, Kano also comes with a speaker and wireless server which users can build on their own and then connect to a monitor in order to play games, listen to music or watch video.

The kit retails for $149.99 and comes with instructions, an 8GB SD card, the Kano OS, DIY speakers, Raspberry Pi Model B, a keyboard and a custom case mods and stencils. The kit also comes with a HDMI and USB mini cable, power plug and Wi-Fi connector.

“We designed the Kano Kit to be a bit like our favorite board games growing up. Its vibrant, re-packable and doesn’t take it self too seriously,” stated the Kano Kickstarter page.

Kano also comes in English, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin with more languages coming soon.

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