Elon Musk Says Tunnels not Flying Cars are the Way of the Future


Elon Musk has stated that tunnels not flying cars are the way of the future.

Billionaire technologist, Elon Musk is expected to release the new Tesla D car but told the audience that tunnels were the way of the future.

Musk has always been clear about his vision for the future- banish petrol based cars and put humanity on Mars with SpaceX, however one thing he is not so sure about is flying cars.

“I am not sure about flying cars. If the sky was full of cars flying all over the place, it would affect how things look. It would affect the skyline. And it would be noisier and there would be a great probability of something falling on your head. Those are not good things. On the other hand you would be able to go from one place to another faster,” stated Musk.

When it comes to travel speeds however, Musk believes that underground tunnels are really the way of the future. His design ideas would “eliminate the choke points in the cities” that clog up traffic.

“This may seem trite, but I honestly thing tunnels should be given a lot more consideration,” continued Musk.

In the mean time, Musk will release his Tesla D model in Los Angeles later tonight and rumors are that the car will b a four wheel drive version of the Tesla’s Model S.

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