Justdelete.me wants to help you commit social suicide

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Justdelete.me wants to help you commit social suicide

It’s not just social media that Justdelete.me wants to help you get rid of, it’s everything! From Amazon to eBay they want you “Justdelete.me” your accounts.

It’s sparked from a lot of apps and other sites that pushed you to delete your social profiles. There were even sites that would help you play “russian roulette” with your social media accounts in a 1 in 7 chance of deleting your Facebook account for example.

It’s a deceptively simple resource. You’re greeted with a sizable grid that points you to a slew of popular web services that you probably use. More specifically, those links point you straight at the pages where you can deactivate all those pesky accounts… or at least where you can try.

As useful as it seems to helping people disconnect from certain sites, it’s certainly not an all in one solution. In many chances you have to do a lot more legwork and actually communicate with other people to get your account deleted.

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