Is Facebook Dead?

facebook changes the way you see posts

A new report from Europe has found that teenagers are leaving Facebook in favor of other social networking due to the fact that their parents are also on the site. 

The Global Social Media Impact Study found that younger Europeans are shifting to other social networking sites such as SnapChat, WhatsApp and Twitter to communicate with their friends.

“Facebook is not just on the slide — it is basically dead and buried. What appears to be the most seminal moment in a young person’s decision to leave Facebook was surely that dreaded day your mom sends you a friend request,” said professor Daniel Miller, who found that younger generations are not as keen to use the site.

While Facebook was found to be important for keeping in touch with family members and friends, it was more common with adults, not young teens, resulting in a widening gap of non-Facebook users.

The 15 month study is still in progress and is set to be completed in 2014. The study is now evaluating attitudes towards online privacy. So far, researchers have found that 40 percent of Facebook users have never changed their privacy settings and 80 percent were not concerned about who could see their updates.


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