Internet Slow Day Brings Awareness to Net Neutrality

internet slow day

Today is Internet Slow Day, but before you freak out it’s all just a way to bring the topic of net neutrality into the forefront.

Companies such as Netflix are participating in the digital protest in order to bring awareness to the new plans being pushed by cable companies.

The new plans will see a general slow down of internet speeds unless companies such as Netflix are willing to pay extra.

Despite the name “Internet Slow Down Day” sites will not actually be slowed down, instead a loading icon will appear to remind users that this could be the reality if this new bill is passed.

The Federal Communications Commission has been reviewing the pros and cons of net neutrality however, no decision has been reached as yet.

In order to add weight to their protest, large tech companies from Twitter to Netflix have expressed their outrage.

“Cable companies want to slow down (and break!) your favorite sites for profit,” stated the Battle for the Net website. “To fight back let’s cover the web with symbolic loading icons to remind everyone what an internet without net neutrality would look like.”

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