Instagram Allows Photo Tagging


Instagram will now allow you to tag the people and businesses in your photos using the “Photos of You” feature. 

“We have always sought to give you simple and expressive ways to bring the stories behind your photos to life. Your captions and hashtags capture the ‘what’ and your Photo Map answers the ‘where’ but until today we’ve never quite been able to answer the ‘who'”, stated Instagram in a blog post.

Photos of You is available as an update on iOS and Android apps from both the Apple store and Google Play however “before your Photos of You section is visible to other people, you’ll have until May 16th to play around and get used to the feature.”

Instagram was sold to Facebook for $1 billion dollar last year and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg commented that “they’re (Instagram) is growing very quickly, and that’s the right focus for them. They have this opportunity to capture and build up this huge community and that should be 100 percent of the focus right now.”


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