HP Gives their Customers Windows 7 Due to Popular Demand


If it couldn’t get worse for Microsoft, HP is now offering customers to purchase Windows 7 with their brand new devices, not Windows 8.

Windows 8 must be bad, as HP now won’t even recommend it to customers when they purchase their brand new Microsoft gizmo.

HP has announced that Windows 7 has been bought back due to “popular demand” and the company, very diplomatically states that “we have been offering Windows 7, since Windows 8 became available, and we will continue to offer a broad set of choices for our customers.”

Many consumers complained about Windows 8 which saw the removal of the start button and a lot more unwelcome changes. Microsoft worked quickly, shortly after it’s release to bring out Windows 8.1 which fixed some of the key issues, but it seems that customers are still choosing to purchase Windows 7.

According to sources, Microsoft is currently working on Windows 9 and it is set to see a firm return of the start button and other features similar to Windows 7.


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