Is Googles Inbox the Modern Day Answer to Gmail?

gmail inbox

Google has created Inbox, a new modern day version of Gmail.

It was nearly ten years ago that Google launched Gmail and to date it is used by hundreds of millions all over the world.

Now the company has launched a new interface called Inbox that will eventually replace Gmail if it proves popular enough.

“We want this to be your inbox for the next ten years, ” said Alex Gawley, product director of Gmail and Inbox, stated.

Email service was created back in the 1970’s however people receive more emails now than ever and are often viewing them on smaller, mobile screens.

Companies like Google are now setting out to make email more user friendly and relevant to the 21st century. “We really want to do more of the work that our users are doing when they are trying to manage their lives through their inbox,” continued Gawley.

Google’s new design will also help them to be more competitive with other email providers such as Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook.

Currently, Inbox is available by ‘Invitation Only’ but Google is looking to get feedback to see if it could one day replace the infamous Gmail service.

Here are the top features:
  • More organized groups so you can sort your emails into appropriate folders.
  • The emails will highlight key and important information, they will also display the real-time status of a flight you booked or a package that is expected to be delivered.
  • A reminder feature that will assist you in making reservations and bookings.
  • Option to snooze emails and reminders and set them to return to your inbox later when you arrive at a specific location.
  • No ads- at least not for now

Want to get your hands on an invitation? You can email Google at: [email protected]


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