Google Works on Making it Possible to Unsend an Email

gmail inbox

Want to undo that email you just sent? It could be a reality of the future thanks to Google’s Inbox team.

Google has an Inbox team, and they have been working on making it possible to undo that email you just sent.

Currently through Google Labs, users have the ability to “Undo Send” on an email, however they only have a 30 second time frame to use the button.

Developers in the Google Inbox team have stated that they are engineering a better program that allows users more time to reconsider their emails.

They are also working to bring their Inbox to other browsers.

“We’re working as fast as we can on enabling other browsers as soon as possible,” stated one engineer. “We are already doing Google-wide testing for cross browser support, but we want to make sure that everything works perfectly before enabling it for all our users.”

There is no clear timeline on when Google plans to release either of these functions so until then, think carefully before you click “Send.”

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