Google Updates Google Analytics Making it more Accurate


Google have updated their Analytics software making website statistics more accurate than ever before. 

The new update to Google Analytics includes an easier detection method for bots and spiders, helping to give those who run websites a clearer and more accurate indication of their traffic.

According to a report, bots accounts for nearly a third of most websites traffic so without these being recorded, it could pose a financial risk to some companies.

Google is currently only filtering traffic from known bots and spiders and is using an “International Spiders and Bots List” which is updated monthly. You can access the list for a fee of up to $14,000 a year.

Starting from today, users will have the ability to select if they want Google analytics to filter site traffic with the bots on the list excluded.

Google has stated that the new service on analytics will provide a more accurate and detailed understanding of website traffic and will help website owners really know what is working and what is not.

While turning on the filtering service may lower website traffic, the pay off is that it is more accurate and in the long run, could help marketing and advertising strategies to be more effective.

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