Google to Launch Nexus 8 in April


Google has just announced that the new Nexus 8 will be released later this year in April.

Google has reportedly announced the arrival of the newest Nexus model and sources are claiming that the device will be a 8 inches- hence the name, Nexus 8.

Currently, Google as the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 and it seems that the 8 inch model will offer something in-between tablet size and phone size.

Asus worked with Google on the Nexus 7 so it seems very likely that they were involved in the creation of the Nexus 8.

While no design specifications have been released, if the device is set to be released in April it should only be a matter of time before Google releases some information about the new model.

Two million shipments for the Nexus 8 have already been ordered and the device is expected to be available in April of this year.


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