Google Taxis Will Take you to Their Advertisers for Free

google taxi

See an ad for a shirt that you like on Google? With one click of a button, Google will drive you to the store for free so you can purchase that shirt plus many more…or so the rumor goes.

The US Patent and Trademark office has just awarded Google a patent for an ad-based taxi service which will allow companies to advertise a deal or a sale and then provide a free or discounted taxi service to get customers to the business.

Google’s new ad service will be a bit more complex than just hitting a button as it will use its clever sourcing abilities to ensure that higher paying customers are given better transportation in the hope that they will purchase more.

To do this, Google will have to identify customers who are willing to spend to ensure the cost of driving pays off for both Google and the advertiser.

While the patent has been approved, Google has not commented on any of their plans just yet.

One things for sure, the new taxi service by Google could become a highly profitable venture for the company if they open it up to more people.

Even the highest spenders may get to the store and realize they don’t want to buy anything so the risk for Google to use their ad service in this way is fairly high.


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