Google Purchases Artificial Intelligence Company Deep Mind

google super pressure balloon

For over $500 million dollars, Google has acquired DeepMind, an UK intelligence company who is striving to make computers think like humans.

Apparently Facebook was also vying for the deal with DeepMind however Google won the race, offering more than $500 million for the UK start up.

For Google, their main interest seems to be the staff at DeepMind as the company recruited numerous experts in artificial intelligence.

One of the co-founders of DeepMind is Demis Hassabis who is not only a neuroscientists but also a computer game designer and chess expert.

While it is not clear what Google plans to do with DeepMind, it does seem apparent that the tech giant is striving to change the way in which they communicate with people through the creation of numerous ‘smart’ gadgets.

Just a few weeks ago Google purchased Nest for $3.2 billion, a company that specializes in smart products for the home. They also just announced a new patent for Google-Taxi’s which are set to drive online shoppers to advertisers stores in order to purchase items.

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