Google Now App Updated to Run like a Personal Assistant

google now

Need a personal assistant? Why not download the updated Google Now app, which is full of smart new features.

“The right information at the right time,” is the slogan for Google Now and it seems that was the vision for the new updates which are designed to run like your very own virtual assistant.

Some of the new features installed include activity summaries, reminders, traffic calculations, voice activated google searches and more.

The reminders feature also comes with location based services, helping you to remember things when you reach a certain location like the supermarket for example.

You can also go one step further by accessing recently searched and purchased items. And it also comes with an automatic parking detection feature which can help locate your vehicle.

If that wasn’t enough, Google has also updated the reminder lists to be more organized and users can now assign nicknames to contacts and lists.

The voice search capabilities have also been updated to be more accurate and can now allow users to turn on and off wi-fi capabilities and switch the phone in and out of airplane mode.

The new Google Now app is available to download at both the Google Play and Apple stores.

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