Google Files Patent for Contact Lens with Micro Camera

google contact lens

Move over Google Glass, a patent has just revealed that the tech-giant is working on putting a micro camera inside a contact lens.

Google filed the patent application last month and the documents revealed that the company is planning to design a lens that could enhance and extend users vision.

The lens would be made up of a controlled circuit, a camera and an image sensor. The sensor can also be hooked up to ear buds or a smartphone to transmit audio to help the visually impaired be more confident of their surroundings.

The lens will also incorporate facial recognition technology and could be used to help law enforcement officials know is suspects already have a record.

It is also believed that with just a blink of an eye, an image could be captured however privacy groups may never let that feature pass.

While Google has no plans to release the “smart lens” they have filed a patent and are probably looking to construct the technology in the not to distant future.




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