Former Apple Designer Receives $7M in Funding for Storehouse App


Looking for an app that allows you to share visual focused stories? Well former Apple app designer, Mark Kawano has an idea that he claims has never been done before. 

Kawano left Apple in 2012 and partnered with Timothy Donnelly, a designer and iOS developer. The duo worked to create an app called Storehouse.

So many people were creating content browsing apps that we just didn’t think were taking advantage of the technology in the right way,” Kawano stated.

Storehouse on the other hand allows users to combine text content, photos and videos to create a story that can be shared with friends.

The app has been gaining popularity online and is currently free but now, big changes are expected as the team have raised $7 million in funding.

Their plan now is to use the funding to hire more engineers and designers and eventually to expand to other platforms.

Storehouse is currently based in San Francisco and has 10 employees.


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