Google Develops Pill That Can Detect Cancer

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It wont be long before your smartphone will be able to predict when you are getting sick and it seems that Google is leading the way with this technology.

Google has announced that they are working on developing a special pill made from tiny magnetic particles that could detect cancer and other health problems.

Andrew Conrad, head of Google X Research Lab Life Sciences Team told audiences that the particles could be directed towards a different part of the body by wearing a special magnetic device.

“Nanoparticles are the nexus between biology and engineering,” Condrad stated. “We can make these nanoparticles behave in ways that we want them to.”

To put it in perspective, these particles would be one-thousandth the size of a red blood cell and would attach to molecules, proteins and cells in the body. The nanoparticles could then detect arterial plague, high levels of sodium, vitamin deficiencies and more.

Google X lab is also reported to be working on other bio tech projects, including a miniature wireless chip that acts as a glucose monitor.

While this technology is definitely the way of the future, it is still many years from being a reality at this stage.

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