Why Did Google Abandon QuickOffice?

google quickoffice

Quickoffice will now be a thing of the past as Google paves the way for their own software.

For the last two years, Google has integrated Quickoffice into their Google Drive program, allowing users to edit, view and create documents that were compatible with Microsofts Office suite.

Now, Google is removing Quickoffice in exchange for their own software to help persuade users to use the company’s own Drive service.

The Quickoffice app will be pulled from both Google Play and iTunes app stores in the coming weeks.

Google explained in their blog that “existing users with the app can continue to use it, but no features will be aded and new users will not be able to install the app.”

With no updates added, overtime the Quickbooks app will most likely fade out and users will be forced to only use Google’s software.

The Google Drive app will now be a file management tool and users who want to create a new document need to install Google Docs, Sheets and Slides separately in order to create and edit documents.

This means that users will need to install four separate apps rather than just one.

Long time users of the original app are not happy however, it is likely that the four separate apps are more of a test run for Google who are probably trying to gauge popularity.

No doubt, the tech giant are probably working on something newer and better in the not too distant future.

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