Amazons Restaurant Delivery and Take Out App


Is there anything Amazon can’t do?

The company just announced the release of their new smartphone last week to go alongside their Kindle tablets and Fire TV and now it seems that the company is getting ready to launch a restaurant app.

This new app is expected to rival the likes of GrubHub and EAT24 by offering users takeout and delivery services from local restaurants.

While the marketshare for this type of service is currently held by sites like GrubHub, Amazon is taking it that one step further by offering coupons, daily deals and discounts.

In order to do this, Amazon has been reaching out to local merchants and negotiating exclusive deals in order to appeal to customers and to drive out the competition.

While Amazon has not confirmed the launch of this new app, it did mysteriously make its way into the app store before it was pulled down a few hours later.

No doubt, Amazon is in testing phases and will probably release the app as part of their new “marketplace strategy.”

Amazon has been working hard to develop a Marketplace where they can advertise local services, retailers and businesses. This model is very similar to Yelp and Angie’s List and it seems that Amazon wants in.

While Amazon offers some pretty amazing and convenient services, their rapid expansion and ability to drive away the competition is definitely unnerving.


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