Go Shopping on Twitter?


Facebook just recently announced that they were adding a buy button to users news feeds and now it seems that Twitter has its own plans to do the same. 

While the option is not functional just yet, Twitter has been testing its e-commerce capabilities on some users feeds.

The button reads, “payments and shipping” and while it currently doesn’t do anything, it definitely won’t be long before Twitter goes live with the service.

Twitter often tests new functions out on just a random selection of users and some have also reported seeing a “buy now” button at the bottom of tweets.

Twitter has not commented on either the “payment and shipping”  and “buy now” buttons however, the service does seem to blend well with the companies recent acquisition of CardSpring.

Twitter purchased CardSpring not too long ago which has capabilities to help businesses support mobile payments.

While nothing has been confirmed, embracing e-commerce services would definitely help increase Twitter’s ad revenue.


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