Gadgets On Planes Debate


There is a growing debate over gadgets on planes and whether or not they pose a major risk.

The age old debate is that PEDs (portable electronic devices) can interfere with pilot’s equipment and cause a serious problem.

While this is no question that certain types of devices, can interfere, there are many that cannot.

This goes beyond just allowing devices to be used, the debate is whether or not they can be used during take off and landing.

The supports say that many people use them on planes already, whether unintentional or not, and that it’s clearly not causing problems. While airlines say that its a potential risk that isn’t worth having.

The question is, when automobiles and trains first came out, if we had the technology we do now, would that also be something that’s in debate. It might be a little different because cars aren’t quite as commercial as an airplane that’s flying through the air. It stands to show that an airplane should it malfunction could do a lot more damage than a single automobile. Nevertheless, the debate goes on whether or not they actually interfere enough to cause a problem.

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