Four Factors that Destroy SEO

Search Engine Optimization is always a much discussed topic in the world of tech and while there are many different theories on ways to boost your website, here are four factors you should definitely stay away from.

1.) Spamming: It seems obvious but sites that have hidden text, spam-links and cloaked content are instantly flagged by Google. Once flagged, search engine sites gradually push the site out of public view and rarely re-visit it to give it another chance.

2.) Poor Content: If you want lower search rankings, fill your site with poor content. Poor content includes keyword stuffing, content duplication and scraping content. All of these are red-flagged by Google and lead to lower visibility.

3.) Purchased Links: Once considered a great way to boost page ranking, purchased links are now red-flags for Google. The search engine giant views paid links as an outright manipulation of the PageRank system.

4.) Hidden or Broken Links: sites that have hidden or broken links become a source of suspicion for Google and other search engines. broken links show that you dont really care about user experience and is a big ‘no-no’ when it comes to SEO. Links to spam websites or suspicious websites such as porn sites or malware are also a huge risk and will definitely harm visibility.

If your site has been penalized for doing one of the following there are ways you can get it into Google’s good books however it does take a lot of patience and time.

Some of the best ways that you can increase SEO and try to rectify a penalty is to:

– Make your site easy to navigate

-Insure site speed is fast

– Keep your content high quality, relevant, up to date and original

– Establish legitimate links that have credibility

– Wait, wait and wait some more


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