First Look at $25 Million App Clinkle

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First Look at $25 Million App Clinkle

A first look is available on this link for the financial app Clinkle that has received $25 million in it’s first round of funding.

Here’s a link to Mashable where you can find the video:¬†

The app looks to be somewhat of an online wallet, allowing you store cash and credit cards to pay friends, family, business partners or virtually anyone.

The question is could this eventually replace the need for cash one day, where everyone is paid with virtual digital currencies instead of physical cash and coins?

It’s unlikely that our economy would prosper in an entirely 100% virtual currency world, it would make things a lot harder for lots of cash businesses where people don’t have access to iPhones and gadgets to run the software on to pay and receive money.

However, as devices get cheaper and cheaper maybe it will be as common as carrying a wallet where virtually everyone has some type of smart-phone.


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