FCC wants to Treat Internet Providers like Utility Companies


The Federal Communications Commission has come up with a new Net Neutrality proposal which will treat internet providers like utility companies.

Tom Wheeler, Chair of the FCC has released the new proposal for net neutrality and while the full plan is yet to be disclosed, people are already up in arms.

The proposal is relatively simple, internet providers will be treated like utility companies and can have the freedom to offer private lines to large corporate users or anyone else who wishes to have the service.

All users, large and small however will be offered non-discriminating services and everyone will be treated equally. Basically, a good way to think about it is that internet service providers will now operate like gas and electric companies.

The fear surrounding this decision is that smaller websites and companies would be shafted in replace of the big-wigs however, the FCC state that this is not the case.

Those who support the free market claim that the new proposal by the FCC misses the point entirely and that the internet is not a utility but an information service.

One thing that everyone can at least agree on is that internet connections should be faster and more affordable.

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