FCC Debates Approving In Flight Calls

inflight calls

Want to make an in-call flight and google while travelling? All of this could be a reality very soon.

Airline companies have suddenly realized the monetary possibilities of allowing passengers the luxury to chat on their phones and surf the web.

Phones have long being claimed dangerous on flights but now, many airlines are allowing customers to use them freely.

The US Federal Communications Commission is currently in the process of discussing a proposal for legalizing small cellular base stations on airlines.

If approved, airline cabins will become mobile-phone friendly and people will be able to talk, text and browse the web, just as if they were at their local Starbucks.

Cellular calls have been allowed on other airlines around the world for a while now, and according to reports from them, customers seldom actually use their phones during the flight. This is because to place a call, your phone uses international roaming which is often notoriously pricey.

Another point of consideration by the FCC is whether allowing in-flight calls is “fair to consumers” and some are pushing for only allowing texting and data.

Would you use your cell phone during a flight?


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