IBM Creates New Chip that Thinks like a Brain

IBM chip

A breakthrough in artificial intelligence has been made by IBM who have designed a new computer chip that mimics the brain.

Imagine a computer chip that can learn just like the brain does-that picks up patterns, types of light and processes that mainstream computers cannot.

That is exactly what IBM have created and many are claiming that it is the next step towards artificial intelligence.

Titled, TrueNorth, the chip has electric “neurons” which are able to signal types of data and then organize it into patterns.

What this means is that the chip can recognize people, what they are doing and interpret it.

The technology in the chip is also revolutionary as it contains 5.4 billion transistors yet only uses 70 milliwatts of power. In contrast, a current Intel chip uses around 1.4 billion transistors and consumes anywhere from 35 to 140 watts.

Pattern recognition is definitely becoming the new way to wire and program processors and even Google, Microsoft and Apple have begun using it in their products.

While IBM’s chip is definitely a step in the direction of making Artificial Intelligence closer the new technology is going to be used on military surveillance drones.


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