Could Ello be the New Facebook?


Ello, the new social network has been getting a lot of attention this week. Could it be the new Facebook?

Launched earlier this week, Ello boast to be the new modern network that does not invade users privacy like Facebook.

In order to join Ello you need to be invited by someone else and it appears that since launch, these invites have become hot commodities.

In many ways Ello is similar to Facebook, but where it is different is in the privacy settings.

Firstly, Ello does not force users to use real names and promises to never serve ads. Information shared on the network is also expected to remain private and confidential.

There has been growing anger towards Facebook in recent months as the social network was caught mining your data and re-targeting you with ads. The new messenger app that was recently made mandatory to install also caused an uproar when users found out that the site was monitoring the messages.

Ello have claimed that they are going to be different and is not “created for advertisers” but rather for the people.

They also stated- ” we are not interested in ruling the world. We think that people who are motivated to do things like that have unresolved psychological problems.”

While it is unclear how long this no ads policy will last, it seems that the modern looking Ello has tapped in on a much needed niche market-online privacy.

Will you join Ello?

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