Creators of Farmville Release Toro a New Marketing App


The creators of the super popular game, Farmville are now back with a new app called Toro.

Amitt Mahajan and Joel Poloney, the co-founders of MyMiniLife and the game Farmville, which was acquired by Zynga have just announced their brand new app which is designed for developers.

Toro is the app designed to help developers to market their apps and to learn how to advertise more affordably.

Mahajan and Poloney had no problem raising $1.5 million from investors to create the app which has been likened to Stripe but is easier and more simple to use.

Toro has the ability to automatically generate hundreds of variants on any given campaign, which will allow developers and app marketers to split test all of them to see which ones work best.

Split-testing is key in the marketing world, but often is a very costly process. Toro however, does not charge extra for this service and allows developers to run a smarter ad campaign at a reduced costs.

Toro is mainly based on Facebook campaigns however the app will be expanded out to other platforms in time.


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