Cocoon Uses Infrasonic Sound for High Tech Home Security


There seems to be no shortage of smart security home technology these days however, Cocoon have launched their own version which promises to be the best.

Debuting on IndieGoGo last week, Cocoon promises that their home security system is the best as it uses infrasonic sound waves that are undetectable to the human ear.

The device can monitor an entire home and can even detect intruders through closed doors no matter where the main device is situated. This means that home owners don’t have to bother setting up devices in every room in the house.

“We believe that traditional home security doesn’t work. Most people in the US and UK don’t have a home alarm system because it’s expensive and complicated. Those that do, find that they forget to set their alarm or are worried about false alarms disturbing their neighbours or receiving call out charges from the police,” noted co-founder of Cocoon, Dan Conlon.

The device works by learning the different sound waves that are typical around your home. When changes to these sound waves are detected, a notification is received on your smartphone which will then allow you to tune into the live audio and video stream to check out your house for yourself.

The technology is so sophisticated that it wont be triggered by a dog or a cat and household members who have Cocoon installed on their phone will be “geofenced” meaning they will not set off the alarm either.

“We believe that there is a smarter, more accessible way to deliver home security. Our SUBSOUND technology allows a user to protect a typical home home with a single, simple device whilst machine learning algorithms learn what is normal for your home to reduce false alarms. Smartphone alerts deliver actionable information to you enabling you to take meaningful action. We’re putting people at the heart of home security.”

Along with the infrasonic sound sensor, Cocoon also comes with a motion sensor, microphone and HD camera with night vision and wide angle lens. There is also an option to have a loud alarm which can be activated by a smartphone if their is an intruder.

At this stage, Cocoon has several working prototypes and are looking to gauge interest by raising funds on IndieGogo.

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