NSA Requests for Facebook Data Up By 24 Percent

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A new report has been released that requests for information on Facebook from federal spy agencies is up by 24 percent. 

The number of requests from local law enforcement and federal spy agencies for information from Facebook has increased by 24 percent in the US since last year.

A new report released showed that Facebook received 15,433 data requests on about 23,667 accounts and was forced to provide data for over 80% of the requests.

The report also highlighted the fact that only a handful of people searched were actually arrested, further adding fuel to the fact that groups like the NSA have over-stepped their boundaries when it comes to seeking personal information.

Facebook released these statistics in order to add weight to their current campaign to stop these “overly broad search warrants” and to make accessing personal information a lot harder.

“Despite a setback in the lower court,” stated Facebook, “we are aggressively pursuing an appeal to a higher court to invalidate these sweeping warrants and to force the government to return the data it has seized.”

Facebook has been on a mission to push for more transparency around surveillance requests, especially due to the recent uproar that occurred when whistleblower, Edward Snowden released the startling truth about how much control governments and law enforcement really do have over our personal information.

While many believe that Facebook fights this crime in vain, this latest report helps show that the social media giant is at least trying to clean up their act.

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