CIA Invests In Robot Writers

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CIA Invests In Robot Writers

The Central Intelligence Agency may be shifting along with the Obama Administration for the country’s drone program to now focus on the Pentagon, however robots can still find jobs at Langley. Now as writers, apparently.

In-Q-Tel, which is the CIA’s venture capital wing, is now investing in a company called Narrative Science (an unknown amount of money). This company programs and is capable of coding massive amounts of data sets into easy to ready written prose. This is according to All Things D.

Baseball box scores turned into readable games, is how the chicago based narrative science got it’s start. This is not like something you might see in your local newspapers sports page, though.

Many nay-sayers say that this could replace writers and journalists but the scope of the project is far from replacing writers and there will always be a human element needed to provide good, captivating content. There’s also no way, as of yet, that a machine can make a human like opinion about a given topic.

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