iPhone 7 Rumours: Will Intel inside be inside iPhone 7?

Latest iPhone 7 rumours state that, Intel has a team consisting of 1000+ employees working on Apple’s iPhone 7 modem, set to release in 2016, and this could win over a deal between both tech giants ending in a partnership for Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 7, that could well put Intel on the market it really craves.

Intel is not one of the major players when it comes to mobile chip market, however a strong supplier of chips on computers including Apple’s Mac desktop and laptop computers, so if this rumour makes its way to reality, Intel could have a major coup in its hands.

The current mobile chip market is dominated by companies like MediaTek, and Intel’s Qualcomm has not been able to grab a market share in this lucrative market while not been able to sign a deal with Android manufacturers, but Intel has been investing a large amount into wearables and smart home devices to capture these emerging markets.

Intel’s Qualcomm currently provides all modems for iPhones and iPads.

Intel’s 7360 modem is due to begin shipping before the end of 2015 and will be seen in smartphones in the first half of 2016.

The new Intel 7360 modem is capable of providing 3G CDMA, and it offers max speed of 450 mbps and 3X carrier aggregation, considerably faster than current LTE modems.

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