Bitcoin Prices Soar Above $1,200

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Bitcoin Prices Soar Above $1,200

Bitcoin prices were at as low as $70 in value as of July 2013. Now today November 29, 2013 they are over $1,200. They have jumped higher and faster than almost all stocks in history.

If you would have invested $5,000 in Bitcoins in July of this year, you would be over $40,000 in profit today on that $5k investment.

There are even marketplaces now on this Black Friday giving you deals to use your Bitcoins. Bitcoin Black Friday is the name of one of these sites cashing in on the Bitcoin craze and black friday craze.

What’s next for Bitcoins $2000? $3000? For a “currency” that’s like Gold, expect limited in quantity available on the planet how high will they go?


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