Beddit Finally A Proper Sleep Tracker App

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Beddit Finally A Proper Sleep Tracker App

Beddit is actually so much more than an app. It’s an entire sleep tracking system that is hooked up to an app but has a device that goes in your bed. It’s a very thin device that goes in your mattress and sends data back to the app about your sleep cycles.

The company, Beddit, has been around since 2006 however they are finally bringing us a cheaper at home device that consumers can accord. The old model was over $669 and now you can get the new model for $149.

“We had been focused on basic monitoring in hospitals with tracking heartrate and breathing without touching the patient,” Leppäkorpi said. “Now the next piece is to bring this technology in the form of a consumer mobile app to market. We’ve been developing this for a long time.”

Beddit is competing against a host of activity tracking devices using accelerometers like the Fitbit or the Jawbone.

Beddit however is just focused on sleep.

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