BabyPing Monitor Great Or Disappointing?

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BabyPing Monitor Great Or Disappointing?

As Baby monitors get more and more advanced, we introduce a new monitor called the BabyPing baby monitor. This is both a video and audio monitor, however the app unfortunately isn’t up to speed.

Daily Gadgetry has been searching for a baby monitor that has all the bells and whistles with a really high quality, quick, easy to use app. But, as of yet we have not yet found anything that really wows us.

The BabyPing monitor runs off of a WiFi connection and unfortunately only receives a signal for a few minutes at a time before losing picture and audio. Anyone that has a baby would know that this could be devastating. Anything can happen from minute to minute and you need something that is 24 hour non stop availability to both hear and see your child.

If you are considering this monitor because the camera is capable of such high-quality video and audio (as well as night vision), be sure the app it requires has gotten a major update in the App Store before you buy. The company promises one with the upcoming release of iOS 7.t

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