Amazons New App Uses Photo Scan Technology to Get you Checking Out Faster

amazon mobile

The latest version of the Amazon app has been designed to make you buy products faster than ever before using photo recognition technology.

Vice president of Amazon Mobile, Sam Hall has previously talked about making mobile shopping an easy, 30 second experience but now he wants to reduce the amount of time people take to check out with products, aiming for the quickest purchasing process yet.

“We’re obsessed with it,” he said in an interview. “We’d love customers to get from ‘they want it’ to ‘they want to buy it’ in two seconds or zero seconds, so this is just another way to make it really easy for customers to shop on their phones.”

The new app comes with an augmented reality scanner known as ‘Flow’. It allows users to search for items by taking a photo of them. The app will then scan and search the item for them. Then it can be either added to the cart or your wishlist. Then, with just one click you can purchase the product which will automatically be reordered for you periodically.

When asked how the app works, Hall states, “I was looking at my medicine cabinet and I needed new razor blades, new Crest cinnamon toothpaste, and new shampoo, and all I had to do was click the Flow button once and pass by all of them in quick succession, and very quickly I was able to order all three of those.”

Flow will  help Amazon achieve faster purchases and will get them hooked on purchasing more from the online marketplace.

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