What is Amazon’s Mystery Device?

amazon devices

In the top secret Lab 126 in Cupertino, California, Amazon employees have been working away to create a gadget unlike anything else out there. 

While the specs of this gadget still remain a mystery, a new e-trailer has just been released, alluding to the fact that Amazon is on to something big. 3D smartphone big.

The ad shows people moving around while looking down at the screen, almost as if the screen is moving with them.

Is it a 3D smartphone? Or something else?

Many have speculated that Amazon has been working on a 3D holographic display. In fact, there have been plenty of rumors circulating around Silicon Valley that 3D technology companies have been in high demand.

While the gadget remains a mystery, Amazon is no stranger to the smart tech industry. Along with their Kindle tablets and set top box, a smart phone would seem like the perfect accompaniment.

Speculation is bound to continue however until June 18, when Amazon reveals what their new device really is.

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