75 Percent of Americans Would Trust a Self-Driving Car

driverless car

According to a new study, nearly 75% of Americans are open to self-driving cars.

Just 2000 people were surveyed for the study however, both men and women were open to the idea of cars that were smart enough to drive and operate themselves.

“People are aware that they already drive cars controlled partly by computers, now they see features like collision avoidance on new models and hear about Google cars hitting the roads in a couple of years. The autonomous car is not science fiction anymore,” stated Des Toups, Insurance.com’s managing editor.

So while three quarters of the sample population are keen, that one quarter is not so keen and are fearful that self-driving cars would not be safe.

An interesting point to also note is that 61% of those surveyed also felt that self-driving cars would not be able to make the same snap decisions as a human driver.

This study is one of many that companies are conducting and another contrasting survey found that only 22% of people would be interested in a self-driving car.

Car manufacturers are warming up to the idea however, adding semi automatic features whereas some like Google, are creating cars that are completely automatic.

While the US is still largely tepid about the technology, countries like Britain are already working to get self-driving cars onto the road by 2105.

Would you trust a self-driving car?

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